April Cobb County Land Update

Wow! April passed by in the blink of an eye. In case you missed Cobb County’s updates concerning land, we got you covered. As a result of the recent growth in Cobb County (and the significant growth to continue,) Cobb county will be restricted on mobility options. The Cobb County Department of Transportation is conducting a short-term plan for Cobb Linc to meet future transportation needs for residents, workers and businesses. The project will develop […]

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To Zone or Not to Zone?

What is zoning? You may be more familiar with the terms zoning permits or building permits. In a nutshell, zoning is approval from the municipality for what a developer wishes to build. This is obtained before any development begins. The purpose of zoning is to preserve property values and ensure communities are functional and safe places. For example, if a high-volume bar wanted to buy a piece of property in a residential community, it wouldn’t […]

March Cobb County Land Update

As March comes to an end and we head into April, we have updates on all things concerning land and zoning in Cobb County. New Building Guidelines for Cobb County This March, Cobb County Commissioners came to a full agreement to the proposed state legislation that would prevent local governments from adopting or enforcing building design guidelines for one- or two-family homes.  The 5-0 vote which expressed opposition to House bill 302 and Senate Bill […]

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Why Land Is A Good Investment

If you have ever considered investing in land, you may be making a wise choice. Before investing in land, be sure to consider the current market conditions, the economy and demand for housing. Weighing your options will allow you to make the best decision whether investing in land is in your best interest. Investing in raw land has many advantages. Unlike buying other real estate such as housing, land is easy to acquire and very […]

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February Cobb County Land Update

As we head into March (and spring!), here are some of the most important updates that happened in Cobb County this February concerning zoning, plans and all things land related! Commercial Area Re-Zoning Request Withdrawn At the February 19th Board of Commissioners Meeting, a proposed request for the Macland Road/Villa Rica Road re-zoning was withdrawn. The developer had originally sought to build an Urban Village Commercial, similar to downtown Smyrna, in this residentially zoned area. […]

7 Reasons Selling Land “For Sale By Owner” Is a Bad Idea

Selling lots and land differs from selling homes. In the housing market, it isn’t unheard of to see homes listed as “For Sale By Owner.” While we can also see this trend to some extent with lots and land, we do not recommend that sellers go this route. You might try selling the lot yourself to avoid paying a real estate agent, but that isn’t necessarily the most sensible route. FSBO may seem like a […]

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Selling Land, Selling to Developers

As an individual owner of land, selling to developers can be a daunting thought. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. You’re probably also worried about being taken advantage of due to your lack of subject matter expertise in this area. This is exactly why you should hire a specialist. Someone who specializes in land can be there to look out for your best interests and advocate on your behalf […]

January Cobb County Land Update

New Cities? The big update for 2019 in Cobb County is the attempt by two major areas to move into cityhood. What would be known as South Cobb and East Cobb would top the list of cities in Cobb County. This is both in terms of population and square miles. Coming in at number one, East Cobb City would include 40 square miles and 96,858 people, according to a Marietta Daily Journal article. Holding the […]

Why You Should Hire a Land Expert to Sell

Maybe you’ve inherited land or you’re just ready to sell your own. Regardless, if you’re tempted to do a sell-by-owner, don’t. While it might seem like you’ll save money by not hiring a commercial real estate broker who’s a land expert, you could actually pay in the long run. Here’s why. 1) You Lack the Experience This isn’t your fault at all. It’s simply that most people probably don’t have that many occasions to sell […]

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Inherited Land: Considerations and Tips for Selling

If you’ve inherited land from someone, chances are you’re in new territory. Whether or not you have sentimental attachments to the property, there are several financial factors to consider that can help you decide if you want to sell. First, make sure that any relevant family members with an interest in the property are involved in the discussion. It’s important that everyone reaches a consensus to help ensure a smooth process should you decide to […]