April Cobb County Land Update

Wow! April passed by in the blink of an eye. In case you missed Cobb County’s updates concerning land, we got you covered.

As a result of the recent growth in Cobb County (and the significant growth to continue,) Cobb county will be restricted on mobility options. The Cobb County Department of Transportation is conducting a short-term plan for Cobb Linc to meet future transportation needs for residents, workers and businesses. The project will develop a strategic approach for future services. The goal is to improve reliability of service and on-time performance, increase ridership, improve mobility for transportation disadvantaged populations, evaluating transfer opportunities and ensuring efficient and effective use of resources. Cobb County had its first meeting this April and is working to gain insight into residents’ opinions. During the meeting, they conducted a survey which is also available online for those who missed it.

Similarly related, Marietta square will be much more enjoyable to walk through now that the city finished its $341,000 South Park Square Revitalization project. The city completed this project to remove the large willow tree that had roots growing underneath the concrete. The tree’s growth had a harmful effect for pedestrians in this high volume area.

Wondering how this project has an effect for land owners in Cobb County? Marietta square has attracted hundreds of families. The area already has everything you could ever need. The area is packed with stores, businesses and recreation property. This project was inconvenient to many resident and business owners but has actually improved the value of the area which ultimately boosts the value of the land around it. The streets of Marietta are not perfect but City Manager, Bill Burton stated crews will continue to improve sidewalks in the city’s downtown.

Burton says the next section to be improved will be the sidewalk along the south side of Roswell street across from the county building- from the corner where the Local restaurant is to the corner where Stonebridge church is. This project is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Cobb County has become a prime destination for families in the Metro Atlanta area because Cobb County takes care of its property, making it safe for families with small children.

Despite rapid, recent growth, the Census Bureau released its 2018 estimate that this growth will slow down. Since its 2017 report, the Census Bureau only saw an increase of 0.54%. Paul McDaniel, assistant professor at Kennesaw State University said while Cobb county’s growth has slowed slightly, it is still growing as is the rest of metro Atlanta area. The Census Bureau also estimated Atlanta is the fastest growing city in the country.

As a property owner in Cobb County (or surrounding counties) it is important to stay up to date on the latest property news as it can have a tremendous impact on your property value. Ready to cash in that value and sell your land? Contact me, an expert in selling land, to get started today. For previous Cobb County updates, visit our blog page.

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