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To Zone or Not to Zone?

What is zoning?

You may be more familiar with the terms zoning permits or building permits. In a nutshell, zoning is approval from the municipality for what a developer wishes to build. This is obtained before any development begins.

The purpose of zoning is to preserve property values and ensure communities are functional and safe places. For example, if a high-volume bar wanted to buy a piece of property in a residential community, it wouldn’t be able to because of zoning restrictions. Violators of zoning restrictions face major consequences.

Zoning districts are similar to jurisdictions. They can be residential, commercial, or agricultural. It is important to understand zoning laws, so you buy or sell your property with the right purpose in mind. As a developer, it is important to understand the zoning classification of the land, so you can determine the allowed uses of the property.  Some classifications only allow single family homes while others include apartments and townhomes. It is important to understand zoning classifications prior to buying or selling land.

Is Zoning the Buyer or Seller’s Responsibility?

The answer is either party can take on this task, and this necessity greatly influences the value of the property. A developer will pay a much higher price if the seller is agreeable to get the property zoned for their intentions. That sounds like a slam dunk, right? The tradeoff is time, and we’re talking about six months or more for the zoning changes to work through approvals. Now if you were to sell your land as-is, we’re talking about the value being as little as a third of what a developer would pay for land already zoned for their use, so as a seller, it’s in your best interest to partner with your developer in this process.

So how does a seller know whether or not it’s in their best interest to get zoning or even the likelihood of a positive outcome? Getting a property specialist is exactly the partner that they need, and this partner knows how to save them any money out of pocket in the process. A property specialist like Norman Campbell not only knows the northern Metro Atlanta area trends and needs, but he also knows what the local developers are looking for. He will consult with the seller and identify how they can get the best possible price and give realistic expectations of the process. It is important to work with a land selling expert because they know the ins and outs of the zoning rules and restrictions. By understanding zoning regulations, you will have a better understanding of who to target when it comes to finding a buyer of your property.

Refer a landowner with extensive acreage to Norman Campbell and he will share his commission with you. Visit Norman Campbell’s website to learn about the service he offers so he, too, can be your own ace in the hole when landowners are seeking direction. Contact Norman Campbell today for more information on zoning.

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