March Cobb County Land Update

As March comes to an end and we head into April, we have updates on all things concerning land and zoning in Cobb County.

New Building Guidelines for Cobb County

This March, Cobb County Commissioners came to a full agreement to the proposed state legislation that would prevent local governments from adopting or enforcing building design guidelines for one- or two-family homes.  The 5-0 vote which expressed opposition to House bill 302 and Senate Bill 172 will prevent local governments from having any control concerning home building design. This means the government does not have the ability to mandate a buildings color, type or style of exterior, location or styling of windows and colors. Any building plan that was previously passed can easily be changed to a completely different plan with no consequences for the builder.

What does this mean for home owners? You could have a beautiful home with other homes in your area that are poorly built, unattractive or not up to standards with the rest of the neighborhood. This is concerning for sellers because it could decrease your property value, cause disinterest in home buyers, ultimately making it harder for your land to sell.

Important Land Purchase by Cobb County Schools

If you are a Cobb County land owner, an important purchase of land was made in the area this month. The Cobb school board just approved a $2.27 million purchase of 1.7 acres at 484 Glover Street which includes a building adjacent to its current central office. Board member David Chastain says there are numerous options for the use of this land but was too good of a purchase opportunity to pass up.

The Movement of Incorporating the City of East Cobb

Residents of East Cobb are continuing to push the movement of incorporating the city of East Cobb. The committee for Cityhood in East Cobb has expanded its membership and will be sharing details of the movement as well has outline future activities at Commissioner Bob Ott’s town hall later this month.

The recent study done by Georgia State University shows that the City of East Cobb is financially possible with projected annual revenues of $48.4 million and expenditures of $45.6 million. Board members stand by their reasoning that East Cobb is currently understaffed for police and residents want “self-determination in zoning and community development issues.

Residents of Cobb County face a huge change if the City of East Cobb comes to fruition. Taxes and fees will be impacted and resources and services available in the county will undergo a big transition. Land owners in Cobb County could possibly see a significant increase in land value because of new localized governance if these new cities are approved. This is a huge topic at hand in Cobb county, if you have any concerns or questions I’d love to talk to you.

It is so important to stay up to date on county regulations and news as a land owner. For other recent monthly updates visit our blog page. Be on the lookout for our next monthly update and be sure to share with other land owners to keep them in the know too.

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