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February Cobb County Land Update

As we head into March (and spring!), here are some of the most important updates that happened in Cobb County this February concerning zoning, plans and all things land related!

Commercial Area Re-Zoning Request Withdrawn

At the February 19th Board of Commissioners Meeting, a proposed request for the Macland Road/Villa Rica Road re-zoning was withdrawn.

The developer had originally sought to build an Urban Village Commercial, similar to downtown Smyrna, in this residentially zoned area. This would have meant two story building that included residential units above commercial spaces. The residential units in question were proposed to be for residential senior living, townhomes and multi-family units. The commercial spaces were proposed to be used for retail, office and medical purposes.

The developer was also seeking to make changes such as increased retail floor space for drive-thrus and reductions on front and side setbacks. This reduction would have meant that the buildings would be next to the roads and neighbors, which would not have fit in with the surrounding properties.

Ultimately, many people felt that the development would be out of character for the area and would not be well-planned or appropriate growth for the community.

Do you have a question about what’s considered “appropriate” growth for an area based on their zoning laws? That’s something that you can easily find out from a land expert. Just contact us here if you have any concerns regarding land that you own or hope to sell!

New Park Properties

As residents of a community, no one is more invested or has a better view of what might be needed or wanted in an area. So, if you’re a resident of Cobb County, now is a great time for your voice to be heard.

On February 27th, the Cobb County PARKS organization hosted a public meeting to gather input and discuss the future planning of new park properties. These properties were purchased in Commission District 1 through the 2008 PARKS Bond program.

The organization also announced that they will hold a second meeting, also open to the public, on March 4th, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the West Cobb Senior Center. This will be a discussion specifically for a 120 acre addition to the Leone Hall Price Park, although there will also be an opportunity to address any issues regarding Lost Mountain Park and Mountain Bike trail use.

These public forums give residents a vital opportunity to help plan and shape the very community resources that they will often be using.

Coming Up

While Cobb County is currently working on securing funding for these new park properties, this is an ongoing project that will have plenty of updates, so keep an eye on those. There will also most likely be other opportunities for residents to give input!


Looking for more land updates in your Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area? Let us know which county and look out for our Cobb County March updates next month!

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