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Selling Land, Selling to Developers

As an individual owner of land, selling to developers can be a daunting thought. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. You’re probably also worried about being taken advantage of due to your lack of subject matter expertise in this area.

This is exactly why you should hire a specialist. Someone who specializes in land can be there to look out for your best interests and advocate on your behalf when it comes to developers. They can determine the best use for your land, and who it would be most appealing to. Land is not one-size fits all, so knowing who is willing to pay the most for yours is important.

Here are four examples of different types of land and the various developers that would most be interested (and willing to pay the highest price!)

Active Adult Community (55 and up)

Location, location, location. Is your land close to many of the comforts and necessities of everyday life such as retail, transportation and medical facilities? Being in this more urban environment would make it
perfectly suited to an Active Adult Community for those 55 and up.

Student Housing

Again, it’s all about where you’re located! If your land is close enough to a college or university, thank your lucky stars because these plots are in particularly high demand. If you’re in Kennesaw, consider yourself extra lucky because this area has both a high demand for student housing and a very low supply. This is due to complicated zoning rules as city residents don’t typically want student housing. However, this shouldn’t be much of a deterrent for developers. The government is aware of the issue and is very
willing to work with them to make sure enough student housing can be built.

Ranch Condos

This one is more specific, but just as valuable to the right developers. If your land is relatively flat and close in proximity to medical facilities, a Ranch Condo community for older adults (typically those beyond retirement age), could be ideal. The flatness of the land is especially important as homes in these communities have no stairs or basements.


If you can, selling to developers for townhomes can be beneficial because you can get more housing units per acre than with a traditional neighborhood. This drives up the value or the land, meaning more money in your pocket. Is your land ideal for the building of townhomes? If you’re close to any downtown areas such as Marietta Square, Downtown Woodstock, Downtown Kennesaw or Smyrna Market Village, it is. These types of homes can attract both families and empty-nesters making the land a great investment for developers – and you.

When it comes down to it, only an expert can tell you who will give you the best price. Don’t waste time selling to developers that will be minimally interested (or not at all). Instead, a land specialist can look over your property and immediately know who to contact to help get you the best sale possible.

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