January Cobb County Land Update

New Cities?

The big update for 2019 in Cobb County is the attempt by two major areas to move into cityhood. What would be known as South Cobb and East Cobb would top the list of cities in Cobb County. This is both in terms of population and square miles.

Coming in at number one, East Cobb City would include 40 square miles and 96,858 people, according to a Marietta Daily Journal article. Holding the number two position, South Cobb City would have 46 square miles and a population of 81,639.

Those who are for the potential cities seek to gain better representation. They also hope for more local control over things like where and how their money is spent. Meanwhile, those against East Cobb City and South Cobb City advocate working together as a county to improve all areas – not just cities.

So what does this mean?

For those living outside these areas, the transformation would mean an equal number of those living in city limits as those living outside. This would decrease the county’s authority. It would also shift a lot of the power and decision making more to the city level.

For those living inside these new cities, a number of financial aspects would be impacted including taxes and fees. Additionally, the resources and services available would change.

More specifically though, what does this mean if you own land or have inherited land in Cobb County? Depending on the outcome of the potential future East and South Cobb Cities, land values in those new cities could possibly increase significantly with more localized governance.

Which side do you come down on? Regardless, keep an eye on this issue as it will affect everyone living in Cobb County, whether directly or indirectly. And if you’ve got land in the affected areas? If you’re considering selling, then I’d love to talk to you.

More Park?

Another big question heading into 2019 is the possibility of expanding Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. A bill filed in Congress petitions for an additional eight acres. This would include Harriston Hill and the historical Wallis House.

This addition is currently owned by the County and Cobb Land Trust and would most likely be a donation. However, around one million would need to be spent up front for restorations. An additional million over the next five years for upkeep would also need to be spent.

The purpose of this expansion is to add historical significance by “giving visitors an opportunity to experience key strategies and positions of troops during the Civil War,” according to Senator Johnny Isakson.

The park, which sees more than 2 million visitors per year, would hopefully be able to increase attraction and the number of overall visitors.


Looking for more land updates in your Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area? Let us know which county and look out for our Cobb County February updates next month!

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